Ski and Snowboard Personal Injury Cases
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Ski and Snowboard Personal Injury Cases

I represent people injured in ski and snowboard collision cases. As a lifelong skier, I am cognitive of the dangers of collisions occurring between skiers and snowboarders. I have extensive knowledge of ski law and skiing, which helps me represent people injured due to the negligence of another skier or snowboarder.

Please note that in these types of cases, your claim is not against the ski area, but against another skier or snowboarder who has run into you, causing your injury.

Skiers and snowboarders are governed by the National Ski Areas Association responsibility code. The code provides that skiers and snowboarders are always to stay in control and to be able to stop and avoid other people or objects. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility as a skier and snowboarder to avoid people in front of you. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.

Homeowner insurance and umbrella insurance typically provide insurance coverage for the negligent skier or snowboarder and their family members who reside in the same household. For example, I represented a skier at Stowe Mountain Resort who had stopped at the side of the Gondolier trail as he descended the mountain. As is usually the best practice, he stopped at the edge of the trail, well out of the way of other skiers and snowboarders. As he was standing there, an out-of-control skier smashed into him, slicing through his ski pants and causing a cut that required more than 50 stitches. My client was obviously not prepared for the collision. The skier immediately got up and took off, similar to a hit and run driver. The ski patrol was alerted to the hit and run nature of this collision and one of the ski patrollers sent a radio message to a ski patroller at the base, asking the patroller who took the call to stop the skier, who apparently was readily identifiable. Amazingly enough, the patroller caught the kid as he was about to get into his car in the parking lot. The kid came clean at that point in time. He was an out of stater attending the University of Vermont. We were able to track down his family’s insurance information and there was coverage for this claim. Ultimately my client recovered, but it took a long time given the serious laceration he suffered.

If you were injured in a ski or snowboarding collision, hurt due to a malfunctioning or improperly maintained ski lift or other equipment, or from the negligence or dereliction of duty by a ski resort employee , please contact me for a free consultation. I will explain your rights, provide you straight answers to your legal questions and discuss with you whether or not it is worth hiring me as your lawyer.