How Do I Keep Track of All of My Medical Bills Incurred After a Car Accident?
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How Do I Keep Track of All of My Medical Bills Incurred After a Car Accident?

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Firm News

6. How do I keep track of all my bills?

One of the most important things for you to do is to keep an accurate record of your medical bills. This is how you do it:

a. Ask for a medical bill each time you see a doctor or facility. Maintain a record of your visits and make sure that you obtain a medical bill for each visit to your doctor, hospital, physical therapist or medical facility.

b. Save all prescription bills. Be sure to save copies of your prescriptions and drugstore charges for medicine that you purchase as a result of your injury.

c. Keep a separate chart with dates, amounts of medical bills, and purchases of medication. Maintain a separate record which has the date of the medical service or purchase of medication, the amount charged, and how the bill was paid (by insurance, your own personal funds, etc.). This requirement is very important because it will be your actual record of medical bills incurred as a result of your injury.

d. Be sure that your lawyer receives a copy of each medical bill, prescription bill, or other bill related to your injury. It is important for us to receive copies of all your medical bills as well as a copy of your medical bill summary when your case is ready for settlement. Even though we may receive copies of bills directly from the medical facilities, a double-check process will assure that your claim settles for the maximum value. If we do not have a record of all your medical bills, your case may be settled for much less than its actual value.

e. Keep a record of medical bills even if they are processed though a health insurance carrier. Even if your medical bills are paid by a health insurance company or your employer, you must still maintain copies for yourself and be sure to get copies to us.

1. How will Polow, Polow & Mahoney handle my case?

After initial meetings with us, we will investigate your claim. This usually requires a review of some or all of the following:

a. Witness statements.
b. Police reports.
c. A possible visit to the scene of the incident.
d. A review of appropriate statutory law (laws enacted by the Vermont Legislature).
e. A review of appropriate case law (laws made by judges who interpret statutory law).
f. A review of all medical reports.
g. A review of all medical bills.
h. The possible hiring of an investigator to investigate the details of the incident.

We will also contact the insurance company for the person, persons, or company who caused your injuries. After the initial investigation and contact with the insurance company, we will maintain contact with you to make sure of the following:

a. That you are following the advice of your physicians and other medical practitioners.

b. That you are doing your best to improve from your injury.

c. That you are providing us with copies of all medical bills and other expenses related to the incident.

d. That you are providing records of loss of income from your job.

e. That you are keeping track of potential witnesses in your case.

Medical records will be obtained through the use of authorization forms as discussed below. We will review those medical reports as they come in from your doctor and will keep abreast of the applicable law relating to your case.