Hyde Park, Vermont Slip and Fall Lawyer David Polow Aids People Hurt on Others’ Property
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Hyde Park, Vermont Slip and Fall Lawyer David Polow Aids People Hurt on Others’ Property

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Firm News

Hyde Park, Vermont Slip and Fall Lawyer David Polow Aids People Hurt on Others’ Property
I am an experienced Vermont attorney who handles all types of premises liability matters.
In a slip and fall accident, you could suffer a broken bones, damage to your back or even a traumatic brain injury. However, if your injuries occurred while you were on someone else’s premises, you might be entitled to legal relief. Attorney David Polow takes on the people and businesses whose carelessness causes others to lose their footing and seek medical treatment. I understand the toll these types of injuries can take and press to secure fair compensation for my clients through a judgment or settlement.

Common causes of slip and fall injuries
My firm handles a wide array of slip and fall cases, including those where people got hurt due to:

Spills and obstacles — My firm advocates on behalf of people who require medical treatment after slipping on an untended spill or tripping over an obstacle that has not been removed or properly marked. Whether your injury occurs in a supermarket, restaurant, someone else’s home or a different location, I’ll advise you as to whether the elements of a negligence claim are present.
Damaged walking surfaces — If your injury resulted from a damaged floor tile, broken concrete or another substandard walking surface, my firm strives to collect full compensation from the liable party.
Weather-related hazards — Wet or icy weather leads to slippery sidewalks and parking lots. On a rainy day, even indoor floors could be dangerous, particularly the sections closest to exterior doors. In cases where businesses and individuals did not react in a timely manner to weather conditions, I work to hold them accountable for their negligence.
Lack of safety features — A broken handrail or the lack of a floor mat could give rise to a serious slip and fall accidents. My firm reviews the evidence to determine if reasonable care would have prevented the accident.
I serve slip and fall victims throughout Vermont.

Litigator works to establish liability in slip and fall cases
If you’ve been hurt while on premises owned by someone else, that does not automatically mean you will receive reimbursement for medical expenses and other costs associated with your injuries. To win an award at trial, you must show that the defendant violated their legal duty to you by failing to take reasonable safety measures. My firm examines the facts closely to show that property owners and managers knew, or should have known of the hazard, then neglected to address it.

Frequently, defendants try to avoid legal liability by blaming the victims for their own injuries. Even if you think that you’re partly responsible for your slip and fall accident, Vermont’s comparative negligence law allows you to collect damages as long as the defendant is more at fault than you are. In these cases, a damage award would be reduced by the share of fault assigned to the plaintiff.

Damages plaintiffs can collect in a premises liability lawsuit
Most of the time you have three years to file a lawsuit after suffering a slip and fall injury. In wrongful death cases it is two years. However, it’s usually best to act quickly. Retaining a qualified personal injury lawyer promptly speeds up the date when you can receive payment through a verdict or settlement. Moreover, evidence and witnesses that you might need to strengthen your argument become more difficult to locate as time goes by. My firm can get right to work to pursue a financial recovery that addresses your medical bills, lost wages and other harmful effects of your slip and fall incident.

Contact a Vermont attorney for a free consultation about your slip and fall injury. Please call me today at 802-888-7707 for a free consultation.