What You Should Do After Being Injured in a Slip & Fall Claim in Vermont
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What You Should Do After Being Injured in a Slip & Fall Claim in Vermont

by | May 7, 2021 | Firm News

Perhaps you are walking out of a store and then you slip and fall. The accident can lead to different types of injuries, including head trauma, back and spine injuries, broken bones, and more. Some of these injuries could lead to permanent problems. If your slip and fall injuries occurred due to negligence by a property owner, what should you do? In such a situation, you have the right to hire a lawyer and seek compensation.

Unfortunately, you may find that the property owner and his insurance dispute your claim to end up paying less than you deserve in the compensation. However, you should act promptly and protect your rights after injuries. Please call me at 802-888-7707 for a free consultation.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately
The first step after slip and fall is to visit a doctor or go to the ER. The doctor will have to treat your injuries and do more examinations. Another important reason to visit a doctor is that your health information is documented and proves you were hurt during the accident. This information acts as evidence when you claim compensation.

If you don’t have the doctor’s report or can’t obtain it, the other side can easily claim you are not hurt. It will be challenging for you to get compensation.

Report the Accident
The other thing to do is to ensure you have reported the incident. So, depending on the premise the accident took place, ensure that the property management is aware of your accident. After you report, request them to give you a copy of that accident report. Ask the police how you can get the copy – especially when summoned.

Take Pictures
It is essential to have evidence of your fall. To do that, take pictures of the site and your injuries. Get a wide shot in the area and show in the picture that the property owner didn’t put the warning signs. On the other hand, if your accident was because of a wet or slippery floor, then take the photos before it is cleaned. Don’t forget to take pictures of bandages, bruises, neck brace, cast, or other signs that you got injuries.

Don’t Sign Anything or Accept Blame

Hire a Slip And Fall Lawyer
Lastly, it is crucial to hire an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer. The attorney will provide you valuable assistance after such an accident.