What’s Your Car Accident Claim Worth?
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What’s Your Car Accident Claim Worth?

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Firm News

You were injured in a car accident and need to calculate injury damages. If you do an online search for “What is my car accident claim worth” the search results will show a pain and suffering calculator. This will give a false sense of what your claim is worth. An auto accident injury lawyer cannot calculate the value of your claim until you have finished treating and either have had a complete recovery or reached an end medical result. Make no mistake about it but this is false and misleading advertising. A claim cannot be evaluated until the end of the case when after I have reviewed the medical bills and records, permanency report if there is one, whether or not you missed work, the fault of the injury, and how the injury occurred. There is no calculator that spits out a number.
Many factors affect the value of a claim. All I can promise is that I will try my hardest based upon my lengthy experience that I will recover as much money as I can for you.
It is also important that we make sure all medical bills are paid before you settle your case with the other driver’s insurance company.
Auto Accident Law
Auto accident injury and personal injury are a unique branch of law. If your legal problem or personal injury falls under auto accident injury laws, then consider speaking with me as I specialize in auto accident injury law. Auto accident injury law covers passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, motorcycle accidents and insurance claims, or most generally any vehicle that moves from place to place over roads as well as pedestrian, bicycle and snowmobile cases.
Under our legal system, a victim has the right to the highest level of committed representation. I help people find get proper compensation for persons impacted by acts of negligence. Please call David Polow at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] today for a free consultation.
Common vehicle accident injuries:
• Whiplash injuries
• Spinal cord or head injury
• Fatal accidents
• Wrongful death
Types of vehicle accidents:
• Car and SUV accidents
• Head-on collisions
• Rear-end crashes
• Motorcycle accidents
• 18-wheeler trucking accidents
What To Do If You Suffer an Injury?
If you or a loved one have suffered an Injury you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the person or company whose negligent conduct caused the injury. Document everything including any medical visits, time missed from work, and insurance company conversations. Where possible, get all communications in writing.
What does Personal Injury Representation cost?
I represent clients on a “contigency basis,” in which I do not charge for services until the case is resolved. I provide a FREE Initial Claim Evaluation. Among your many questions you should ask, inquire how their fee structure works.