Dealing with a Property Damage Claim After You are in a Car or Truck Accident
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Dealing with a Property Damage Claim After You are in a Car or Truck Accident

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Firm News

If you’re injured in a car accident, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer on your side. Please call David Polow today for a free consultation about the money damages you may be entitled to for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and permanent impairment.
An experienced personal injury lawyer can recover money for you.
Why Property Damage Gets Neglected
Most personal injury lawyers will help you recover medical expenses (current and future), lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering where appropriate. But what about property damage?
Your physical health is more important than any kind of property; however, property damages represent very real financial setbacks that can heap new stresses on accident victims who are trying to rebound from difficult and costly injuries.
Consider these scenarios:
Scenario 1:
Just as you are (legally) heading into the intersection in your car or truck, a car runs a stop sign or red light and T-bones you. Your now undrivable car will need to be towed to the repair shop where it will undoubtedly need thousands of dollars in body work—that’s if it’s salvageable. But wait! You’re a mom and an employee and a student and you need your car! You’ll have to get a rental, but this is all starting to add up. Your head is starting to hurt so you call your husband to take you to the doctor. More bills ahead.
Scenario 2:
You’re enjoying the beautiful weather on your road bike when a distracted motorist rounds the corner and hits you from behind. The bike goes down with you on it. Fortunately, they swerve out of the way to miss you, but the bike is totaled and so is your brand new cell phone. You’d tucked it into your armband and landed on it when you fell.
These are just two examples of personal injury accidents being compounded by property damages.
Property damages are defined as injury or harm to anything other than a person.
Property damages may include:
• Automobile damage
• Bike or motorcycle damage
• Towing expenses (if your car can’t be driven)
• Rental car expenses
• Damage to the items inside of your car (cellphone, laptop, car seat, etc.)
• Fence
• Building
• Tree
Property damages may be paid out according to:
• Replacement value
• Cost of repairs
• Loss of use until the property is repaired or replaced (i.e., payment for a rental car while your car is being fixed)

In the majority of accidents, the at-fault party is responsible for the costs associated with your property damage claim. If the at-fault party doesn’t have insurance—or doesn’t have enough insurance—your insurance carrier may have to cover these costs.
You can file a claim for your property damages (separate from your injury claims), and many personal injury attorneys will suggest that you do just that. They may not want to be bothered by the little details of property damages—even if that property is very important to you. Why?
• It’s time-consuming. Property damage claims involve extra paperwork that must be filled out with precision in order to be accepted. They also require back-and-forth phone calls between the insurance agent and entities such as auto shops, rental car companies, and more. Then there will be follow-up, as things rarely move along on schedule. Beyond that, the insurance company may deny the claim, which requires even more legal muscle and “back-and-forth” to try to resolve.
• They won’t make money off of it. Property damage claims are not profitable for lawyers. That is why many attorneys are “hands-off” when it comes to pursuing them. There’s just not enough bang for the buck. In fact I do not charge a fee for any help I give in connection with a property damage claim.
Why We Make Property Damages a Top Priority
I didn’t use to help out with property damage claims but I feel differently about property damages now. Many legal practices say that they put their clients first, but we back it up with specific actions.
Leaving our clients with a host of costly property damages to deal with amidst all the other post-accident stresses is not acceptable in our view. The problem that I have is sometimes I can not recovery as much money as I would like for my clients but I will always do the best I can.
Given our extensive experience in the personal injury field, we know the laws pertaining to property damages backward and forward. We know the right way to submit the claims so that they won’t get rejected, and we know who to submit them to. This allows you to rely on our expertise and focus on what’s most important – recovering from your injuries so that you can return to life-as-usual without the financial burdens that your accident placed on you.
So please call David Polow today if you have any questions about your auto accident case.

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