August 18, 2020 I Was Just in a Car Accident in Vermont, What Should I Do?
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August 18, 2020 I Was Just in a Car Accident in Vermont, What Should I Do?

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Firm News

I just had a car accident, what should I do now?
Follow these steps to protect yourself from further harm after a car accident in Vermont.

It seems obvious but the first thing you should do is get yourself to a safe place. Roadways are no place to stand or linger, so pull your car off of the roadway if possible. If not, place your emergency flashing lights on, and either remain inside your vehicle, or get off to the side of the road in a safe place. I have represented people who were in a car accident but were not injured but were hit by another car because they were in the shoulder of I-89. Be safe and move away from the road and traffic but of course do not leave the scene of the accident which is a crime.

Call the police. In any situation involving an accident, you need to have a trained police investigator assess the situation. Filing a police report with your account of what happened in the accident is vital in determining who will be held responsible for the crash. In Vermont, if someone was injured or there’s at least $3,000 worth of total property damage, you must submit a written report to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles within 72 hours after the accident. You can access and download the Vermont car accident report

Get medical attention as soon as you can. Car accidents often involve violent collisions that contort the body and can cause a variety of injuries. Often, hidden injuries resulting from car accidents catch victims off-guard in the days following an accident. It is important that you seek precautionary medical attention as the effects of hidden injuries such as whiplash, TMJ, and traumatic brain injury can be devastating.

Call an experienced personal injury attorney to advise you in protecting your rights. David Polow will always advise you of these and other steps you should take after an accident when you me for help seven days a week at 802-888=7707.