May 31, 2020 What is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Vermont and the United States
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May 31, 2020 What is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Vermont and the United States

by | May 31, 2020 | Firm News

It is estimated that there are six million car accidents each year in the United States, and three million car accident victims suffer injuries. Shockingly, 90 people die every day in car accidents. To reduce the number of car accidents, it is important to recognize the main causes.

There are various elements that contribute to a car crash, and it may seem that the main cause is negligent behavior. In some cases, outside variables cause car accidents, such as poor road maintenance, dangerous weather, and auto defects. Car accidents are complex, and sometimes liability is unclear. However, what are the main causes of car accidents in the United States, and are they preventable? In most cases, drivers can help prevent car accidents by practicing safe driving.

Causes of Car Accidents in the United States

The main causes of American car accidents include the following:

Drunk driving: Recent studies indicate that any amount of alcohol can alter driving, even if it is under the legal blood alcohol content level. Medications also impair drivers. Before driving, make sure you are completely sober.
Speeding: One in three car accidents involve excessive speeds. However, 100 people die every day in car accidents that are caused by motorists traveling under the speed limit. Drivers must adapt to the speed limit and adjust their speed when driving in bad weather.
Driving against traffic flow: Heavy traffic initiates risky driving, and drivers are more apt to make mistakes. Adjust to the traffic flow; do not try to go around traffic or become aggressive. Keep calm and drive responsibly.
Reckless driving: Every 30 seconds of delay when driving at excessive speeds increases the chances of a car accident by 1.3 percent. Always keep focus on the road and do not engage in reckless behaviors that will increase your chances of an accident.
Distracted driving: Five thousand car accidents occur every month as a result of distracted driving. Common forms of distracted driving include cellphone use, eating, talking with passengers, and adjusting the radio or climate control. Avoid all distractions; your focus should be entirely on the road.
Weather: Rain, snow, fog, and high winds can lead to a serious accident. When driving in poor weather conditions, adjust below the posted speed limit to give yourself more reaction time.
Running red lights: Red light accidents are common throughout the country. Do not try to beat the red light. Always follow safe traffic rules and watch for other drivers.
Fatigue: Drowsy driving leads to severe accidents. Some studies indicate that fatigued driving can be just as bad as drunk driving. Before you enter the vehicle, make sure you are well rested. If you feel drowsy while driving, pull over until you feel you are safe to operate your vehicle.
Can I Help Prevent Car Accidents?

Most causes of car accidents in the United States are due to driver error and can be preventable by driving safely. Sometimes, you can be injured in a car accident because of no fault of your own. If you are injured in a car accident owing to another driver’s negligent behavior, contact an experienced car accident lawyer immediately who will help you with your legal options.